City requests $1.4 million for park restroom renovations

October 8, 2018

Lake Havasu City administrators this week requested bids for an estimated $1.4 million restroom renovation project at Rotary Park and London Bridge Beach Park.

Rotary Park and London Bridge Beach Park are often the scene of Lake Havasu City’s public events. From Spring Break to Independence Day, and all throughout the summer boating season, these parks are used by hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. According to Lake Havasu City Manager Jess Knudson, however, the restrooms have never been updated to keep pace with a growing number of visitors.

Existing facilities will be rehabilitated, Knudson said, and a new restroom facility will be added at Rotary Park. Despite a $1.4 million price tag, however, many of the facilities’ improvements won’t be visible to Havasu’s guests.

“A significant portion of the costs for the project are to increase the capacity of sewer lines servicing the restrooms,” Knudson said. “These facilities have been in place for many years without any upgrades or rehabilitation. The number of park users has grown and the existing undersized sewer lines do not meet the demand of the citizens, especially during events.”

According to Knudson, the need for renovation at the parks’ bathrooms has become such that permanent restroom facilities are often closed to the public when large crowds of people visit, and temporary facilities are rented instead.

“The existing sewer lines serving the restrooms are undersized,” Knudson said. “The city is making the necessary improvements to meet the existing and future needs of the users of our parks.”

Bidding for the project is scheduled to end Oct. 31.

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