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Miramax In Pact With Mind-Driven Computer Firm

April 10, 1996

NEW YORK (AP) _ Miramax Films announced a strategic alliance Wednesday with The Other 90 Percent Technologies Inc., a small San Francisco company that is trying to develop ways to control computers with body sensors rather than keyboards and cursor controls.

The two companies aim to create products that can change the plot of a movie according to what the viewer is thinking.

The Other 90 Percent plans to sell a $150 accessory to personal computers this summer that can run certain functions when a person thinks about them. The device uses a finger sensor to pick up changes in body temperature and sweat and then interprets that into computer commands.

Miramax said it wishes to explore the possibility of giving viewers more control over a movie. The company invested in The Other 90 Percent but did not say how much.

Miramax, based in New York, is a prominent distributor of independent films. Its most noted releases include ``Pulp Fiction,″ ``The Piano,″ and ``The Postman (Il Postino),″ which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture.

The Other 90 Percent, based in Sausalito, Calif., takes its name from the notion that a person typically uses only 10 percent of brain signals in everyday living.