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Swallowed Diamond Ring Reappears

November 20, 1999

LAS VEGAS (AP) _ Lori Carroll said she didn’t have the $4,000 diamond ring. Police suspected otherwise. Ten days later, the truth came out.

Ms. Carroll, 32, had asked to see the one-carat ring at a jewelry store in Caesars Palace hotel-casino Nov. 8. The clerk handed it to her, but when he turned around, the ring was gone.

Ms. Carroll denied that she had the ring. When a search turned up nothing, police suspected she had swallowed it. She was taken to University Medical Center and X-rayed, and there was the ring, said Lt. Marc Joseph, a police spokesman.

Ms. Carroll was taken to the county jail’s medical ward, and on Thursday, the ring reappeared.

``We went down and identified the ring. It still had our price tag on it,″ said Stuart Anderson, manager of the jewelry store.

Ms. Carroll was charged with burglary, grand larceny and possession of stolen property. The ring is being held as evidence, but the store will eventually get it back.

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