Streetlights considered on Gateway Drive

January 5, 2019

The Watertown Public Safety and Welfare Committee is looking to place a streetlight on Gateway Drive near Airport Road.

Chairman Tim Raether said residents in the area were concerned about the safety of pedestrians because the street gets dark at night.

“What we’ve done is engineering asked We Energies to look at a proposal to put one streetlight on Airport Road where it intersects with Gateway Drive on the northeast corner of that to at least give them some light on that intersection,” Raether said.

As of now, the committee is waiting to find out the total cost of the streetlight from We Energies.

The committee approved a request for a crosswalk on Hart Street near Diversey Inc. The business’s parking lot is across Hart Street and there was a concern about traffic.

“There are some plans to redo that entire street, that’s in the road plan, but again we decided that there’s enough concern here for pedestrian traffic crossing that we are going to put ramps on both the south side and north side of Hart Street and then we’re going to mark the crosswalk,” Raether said.

The committee agreed to put up signs and mark a crosswalk on South Water Street.

People from River Mill Senior Residences were concerned for the safety of their residents crossing the street.

“It gets a fair amount of traffic,” Raether said, adding there was a concern with speeding down the road.

The committee asked police Chief Robert Kaminski if he could have police officers monitor the traffic on South Water Street.

Members of the committee reviewed a request by the owner of the property at 215 S. Third St. for handicap ramps. Raether said the engineering department looked at drawings submitted by the owner and said there was potential Americans with Disabilities Act infringements.

“The action we had is that engineering is going to go back to (the owner) and then take a look at another review of their drawings ... and take a look more closely to make sure it’s Americans with Disabilities compliant,” Raether said.

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