MOSCOW (AP) _ About 400 Russian fishermen were stranded Monday when an ice floe broke away from the shore in Russia's Far East, but all eventually made it safely to shore, news reports said.

The anglers, ice fishing near the Lesnoye township on the Far Eastern island of Sakhalin, were stranded when the massive floe broke away and began drifting out into the sea, the ITAR-Tass news agency said.

A rescue operation was launched, with tug boats, fishing vessels and two helicopters all heading out to the site.

One ship picked up 150 of the fishermen, and the others made it safely to shore when the ice floe eventually struck land, the independent NTV television station reported.

Ice fishing is a popular winter pastime in Russia, and an important source of food and income. Ice fishermen regularly drift out to sea on ice floes and are usually picked up by rescue teams or passing boats.