Bridgeport-based Optimus Health gets awards

September 23, 2018

Optimus Health Care, Inc., headquartered in Bridgeport, received the Katrina Clark Award at the 2018 Community Health Center Association of Connecticut Summit, which took place Sept. 18.

The Katrina Clark Award is presented annually to Connecticut health centers for exceptional clinical quality improvement achievements.

Optimus also recently received the American Heart Association’s “Check.Change.Control.Cholesterol” Gold Award in recognition of the clinic’s commitment to reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke through improved cholesterol management. High cholesterol is one of the major controllable risk factors for heart disease, heart attack and stroke, estimated to cause nearly 2.6 million deaths annually. Yet, a survey from the American Heart Association shows that nearly two-thirds of people who have high cholesterol don’t think they’re at high risk for a heart attack or stroke.

Earlier this year, Optimus successfully became interoperable with a clinical laboratory in its quest to identify patients at risk early. This initiative enabled Optimus providers to have lipid panels results in a rapid turnaround period. Optimus also completed focused training on its clinical staff on the topics of heart disease and cholesterol management. This training allowed the staff to identify patients at risk while in the clinic and to provide targeted and recommended interventions.

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