Downtown approves security lighting points, funds

January 11, 2019

HARLINGEN — At least 16 of downtown Harlingen’s darkest alleys are going to have a brighter future.

The Downtown Improvement Board voted this week to spend $1,000 to install 16 nighttime lights in alleyways in the district to eliminate some dark spaces.

Bill DeBrooke, a board member who chairs the lighting committee, said he and fellow committee member Lars Keim took a map of the entire district and set out to pinpoint where the lighting is needed most.

“We looked at areas that were dark and sort of marked where we think they need lights,” DeBrooke told the board. “I make it 16.”

Security is an issue in the downtown district following a series of criminal incidents which began in July. They consist of a couple of attempted burglaries, two vehicle

break-ins and broken windows, police told downtown business owners last week.

“Essentially they’re called ‘barn lights’ and they draw about 44 watts,” DeBrooke said. “This won’t cover the costs to do it” he said of the $1,000 the board later allocated for the project.

“We’ll eventually do more, but now these are the main ones,” said board Chairman Charlie Perez.

“This will get us started,” DeBrooke said.

Similar lights already are installed in the downtown area, and DeBrooke said they have served their purpose.

“If anybody’s been downtown at night, the ones we put on A Street and over on Van Buren, they’re not very expensive and they really put out a lot of light,” DeBrooke added.


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