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Hotel Owner Asks Deposed Haitian Leader to Leave

September 29, 1988

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) _ Lt. Gen. Henri Namphy, the exiled Haitian ruler, has been asked to leave a luxury hotel because his presence is inconveniencing other guests, hotel owner Robert Prats said Wednesday.

Prats said guests at his Dominican Concorde Hotel had to contend with strict security measures taken on Namphy’s behalf and with dozens of reporters jamming the lobby.

Namphy arrived at the hotel with his wife, Gracielle, and daughter, Melissa, on Sept. 18, the morning after he was deposed in a military coup that installed Lt. Gen. Prosper Avril as president.

The Namphys have not left their rooms since their arrival and Dominican security agents have not allowed reporters onto the floor where their suite is located.

″We have spoken with the Foreign Ministry and they have told us that a decision has already been made about Namphy leaving the hotel,″ Prats said.

A ministry official, who spoke on condition his name not be used, said no other country agreed to accept Namphy ″and until someone does the general will have to stay in our country.″

He said Namphy may be transferred to a hotel in Puerto Plata, a tourist center on the Atlantic coast.

The ministry has said the Dominican government will pay Namphy’s hotel bill because he is broke.

Various groups and newspapers have complained about Namphy’s continued presence in the Dominican Republic.

Journalists picketed the hotel, demanding Namphy be brought to trial for the killing of a Dominican television cameraman, Carlos Grullon, during the massacre of 34 people in aborted, civilian-run elections on Nov. 29, 1987.

Haitian security officials were reported among the thugs who terrorized voters until the elections for a civilian government were called off.

Namphy led a junta that took power in February 1986 when authoritarian President Jean-Claude Duvalier fled to exile in France. He turned over power to civilian President Leslie Manigat two years later, but toppled Manigat in June.

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