Turn signals help at traffic roundabouts

April 3, 2019

Today at the roundabout at Rufina and Richards Ave., I almost got into and accident. Why? Because Santa Fe motorists do not know how to use a roundabout. If you are going to make a turn, use your damn turn signals. This will prevent other motorists from waiting and trying to guess which way you are going. After all it is an intersection, so signal like it is one.

Carl Brown

Santa Fe

The government in charge

Jane Baskin’s opinion piece, (“Democratic socialism gives citizens bang for their buck,” My View, March 24) reflects confusion over basic political science. She writes, “socialism is your local gun club or knitting circle,” when — in fact — any voluntary association is capitalist, not socialist. The definition of capitalism is a voluntary society based on private property. So any private club, and even member-owned cooperatives, are capitalist enterprises.

To understand the definition of socialism, it is important to first realize that the definition of government is a legalized monopoly on the use of coercion. With that understanding, the next step to to define socialism as the abolition of private property. It doesn’t matter whether government owns everything or simply controls what owners do or do not do with their property through laws that interfere with private property rights.

Socialism does not mean equality, fairness or justice. It means government control of your life.

Patricia V. Johnson

Santa Fe

Animal traps need to go

Senate Bill 76 (“Prohibit coyote killing contests”) to end cruel trapping should have overwhelmingly passed, but unfortunately for wild animals, this did not happen. Why? Because the non-hunting majority allowed a vociferous minority comprised of livestock/hunting/trapping industries to again decide the fate of wildlife, targeted by ignorant humans who love torturing and killing them.

New Mexico True advertisements feature families enjoying skiing, hiking, camping, going to good restaurants and viewing live wildlife— not dead, tortured ones. The future of healthy tourism in New Mexico lies in honoring the intrinsic value of all wild animals — like coyotes, wolves, wild horses, prairie dogs, birds of prey, etc. — and their ecosystems. Livestock, hunting and trapping are not the future for our economy.

Get rid of the State Game Commission, and put the game department under the new Division of Outdoor Recreation to protect and promote our precious wildlife heritage, including coyotes.

Rosemary Lowe

Santa Fe

Navigating for progress

If you’re navigating on the ocean, you have to know where you are before you can chart a course to where you want to go. You must have a chart showing the obstacles such landmasses, reefs, rocks, etc. to successfully chart a course around them. The same rules hold in politics.

If you desire to get to a single-payer health care system, you must acknowledge the existing private insurance health care system and the significant obstacle — the political lobbying power of a trillion dollar-a-year business. Your successful course must not be a direct confrontation, but an incremental, around-the-obstacle approach. For example, offering a public option that could compete with the private system while presenting consumers a choice.

If you are going to try to solve the looming global warming crisis, an approach such as an incremental revenue-neutral carbon tax would use our existing private enterprise system — rather than a politically controversial, top-down government solution. Purist progressive policies such as those proposed by candidates like Bernie Sanders and others make people feel good, but galvanize opponents and will never get us from where we are now to where we want to be.

Jack Hicks

Santa Fe