Winter storms impede PNM’s meter readers

December 30, 2018

Public Service Company of New Mexico was unable to read more than 3,500 electric meters in Santa Fe last week because of the winter storms and instead will provide those customers with estimated bills, a spokeswoman said.

Though, customers also have an option of reading their own meters and giving PNM the accurate data.

After Wednesday’s storm brought about 3 inches of snow to the City Different and Friday’s brought 6 inches more, creating hazardous road conditions throughout the area, spokeswoman Shannon Jackson said in an email Saturday that PNM decided not to send out its 10 Santa Fe meter readers.

She also cited forecasts of unfavorable weather after the New Year and said this could create similar issues in the coming week.

“More customers may be estimated into next week if the conditions become unsafe,” Jackson said.

PNM had to estimate electric bills for 2,065 meters Wednesday and 1,657 meters Thursday in Santa Fe. While the exact number of meters PNM was unable to read Friday wasn’t available Saturday, Jackson said preliminary figures showed it would be more than those that went unread Wednesday.

Each customer affected by the meter-reading issue received an automated message from PNM disclosing that the electric utility would estimate power use based on prior bills and historical usage data.

If someone wants to read their meter and provide the numbers to PNM, Jackson said in the email, they must call PNM or send an email within the next five business days.

Customers also can participate in the Budget Billing program to avoid fluctuating bills throughout the year, she added.

Snow was only part of the concern in dispatching meter readers, Jackson said, citing worries about icy roads.

“Safety is our number one concern, and to avoid putting meter readers in danger in the elements, we monitor the conditions closely and always err on the side of caution,” she said.

Report electric meter data

Public Service Company of New Mexico customers affected by the utility’s decision to avoid reading a few thousand meters during inclement weather last can read their own meter and provide the numbers to PNM within the next five business days to avoid receiving an estimated bill. Call PNM at 844-344-6221 or send an email to pnmcustomerservice@pnm.com.

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