Attacks on women in separate cases bring defendant 10 years

December 22, 2018

A Fort Wayne man convicted of beating two women in different attacks last year was sentenced Friday to 101/2 years in prison.

Allen Superior Court Judge John Surbeck sentenced William E. Boyd, 60, to nine years for criminal confinement, battery resulting in serious bodily injury and sexual battery when the victim is compelled to submit by force or imminent threat of force.

A jury found Boyd guilty of those charges in November. 

In this case, Boyd knocked on a friend’s door about 10 p.m. Nov. 14, 2017, and she let him in.

The woman told police Boyd was “very intoxicated” and repeatedly told her it was his birthday. He then followed her around the apartment everywhere she went, staying close to her, court records said.

Boyd tried to have sex with the woman, but she refused, telling him that she wasn’t his girlfriend and that he needed to leave.

Boyd took off his clothes, got on top of her, forcefully removed her clothes and choked her with his forearm before hitting her three to four times on the left side of her face with an open hand, documents said. The woman said she could not breathe when Boyd had his hand on her throat.

Around 4 a.m., Boyd passed out and fell to the floor, sitting upright in the bedroom doorway. The woman then escaped, retrieving her clothes and putting on her shoes, court records said.

In the other case, Boyd was sentenced to 11/2 years for domestic battery with a prior conviction for any sort of battery. Surbeck ordered this sentence to run consecutive with the nine-year sentence, for a total of 101/2 years.

Boyd pleaded guilty to this offense. He was accused of knocking on a woman’s door and forcing his way in when she opened it in August 2017. He held her down in a chair and hit her in the back of the head with an umbrella. She told police she had a bump on the back of her head.


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