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Governor Sends Unusual Holiday Greeting Cards

December 14, 1988

PHOENIX (AP) _ Gov. Rose Mofford has mailed 5,000 holiday cards depicting herself as a saucy Goddess of Liberty, the winged statue atop the Capitol dome.

The card features a smiling caricature of the 65-year-old beehive-coiffed Democrat poking a bare leg from a white Roman toga slit up the side.

″Rose liked it. I showed a little knee,″ said Sherman Goodrich, the San Diego artist who has been designing Mrs. Mofford’s cards for 10 years and said did the latest one as a favor to her. ″She’s a sexy lady. What the hell?″

He said the idea for Winged Victory was the governor’s.

The message inside the card reads: ″Seasons greetings, and my heartfelt thanks for your help and trust in this my first year as governor of the great state of Arizona.″

The cards were sent to ″everyone on her massive Rolodex,″ as well as to the state’s newspapers and nation’s governors, said spokesman Vada Manager. Mrs. Mofford paid for the cards, which required 35 cents postage, Manager said.

Assuming a historical disguise is nothing new for Mrs. Mofford, said Goodrich.

″I’ve depicted her as Uncle Sam. I’ve depicted her as Santa Claus. I’ve depicted her as the Statue of Liberty,″ Goodrich said Tuesday. ″I did her as Mae West one time, which is perfect.″

″I thought it was most attractive,″ said state Sen. Lela Alston, a Democrat. ″This was a particularly delightful and sensitive card.″

Added Republican Rep. Jim Hartegen, ″I think they’re kind of unique in a way - they’re Rose.″

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