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Glenn: ‘Keating Five’ Defense Cost More Than Half-Million Dollars

March 26, 1992

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Sen. John Glenn, one of the ″Keating Five,″ paid $528,000 in legal fees during the Senate Ethics Committee’s investigation into his relationship with savings and loan operator Charles Keating.

The Ohio Democrat said Thursday he used money from his investments to pay the bill in installments, but he said he got his money’s worth.

″It was $528,000 ... out of my own pocket,″ Glenn said. ″My honor was at stake and I’m sorry but I would not change one dollar of it.″

Glenn, who’s biggest campaign contributor was Keating, said the investigation was ″the worst year and a half of my life.″

The Ethics Committee decided Glenn broke no law or Senate rule, but chided him for poor judgement. Glenn described the committee’s conclusion as exoneration, saying ″I came out absolutely clean on that.″

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