Brothers and Sisters of Aiken teach children empowerment through horses

July 24, 2018

Many children in the Brothers and Sisters of Aiken County Summer Camp came face-to-face with horses for the first time during a trip to a local stable.

Brothers and Sisters Board Member Nancy Marks said the trip was to teach children the responsibility, self-confidence, and empathy that comes with taking care of horses.

“It’s amazing to me how many kids in Aiken have no contact with horses,” she said. “It’s kind of alarming, to me. I think this is something that we in the equestrian community take for granted.”

The campers went to The Riding School on Chukker Creek Road. Chan Carman, owner and director of The Riding School, instructed the children on how to groom the horses and walk them around the paddock.

“It’s pretty cool,” said camper Deondre Baskett, who lead a pony named Goku on a short walk. He said his favorite part about the trip was getting to clean Goku’s hooves.

The Brothers and Sisters of Aiken County Summer Camp lasts for eight weeks and focuses mostly on education. Marks coordinated the visit in an effort to provide the campers with more extracurricular activities.

Marks said she hopes to expand the program and offer more opportunities for the children to interact with horses in the future.

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