Liberty Shrouded By Corruption

July 15, 2018

Editor: Upon reading the Associated Press article “Kids as young as one year in U.S. court, awaiting reunion with family” in The Citizens’ Voice (June 8), I am left with a deep sense that something is lacking in our country as a whole. How can anyone who has even a drop of human feeling sit still and not cry out that this administration is dragging all of us down into the pit of hell? Even the judge commissioned to try these cases was embarrassed to have to ask a 1-year-old baby if the child understood the immigration law under which he is being held in custody by the Department of Health and Human Services. This boy is one of hundreds of children waiting to be reunited with their parents after being separated by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) at the border as a result of Trump’s “zero-tolerance policy.” Lady Liberty weeps as her torch of freedom and welcome is extinguished by hypocrisy and corruption. Marilyn Healey DALLAS

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