Mark Hamill, Jim Carrey, anti-Trump celebs’ hypocrisy exposed in ‘Walls Across America’ video

January 31, 2019

Hollywood celebrities tend to be vocal critics of President Trump and his immigration policies, but a new video by The Daily Caller demonstrates that they support walls for their own personal security.

The conservative website sent one of its own to Los Angeles for a video on the various walls and security measures that liberal celebrities use to keep threats at bay.

“Hollywood’s elites have gone so far as to say a wall would be ‘ineffective,’ ‘unjust,’ and even ‘racist,’” the website’s YouTube channel stated Tuesday. “Well, The DC’s Benny Johnson paid a visit to some of their West Coast mansions, which tell a completely different story!”

Celebrities who received Mr. Johnson’s commentary include:

Chelsea Handler: “Its walls have walls! There’s multiple walls, multiple layers, it’s 20 feet tall no doubt about it.” Jimmy Kimmel: “This thing is massive! It’s really big, it has signs that say, ‘Smile, you’re on camera.’” Rob Reiner: “Rob Reiner chooses to protect the treasures and the places and the properties he loves with a wall and barbed wire on the top of it.” LeBron James: “There is a mixture of cameras, electronic security, brick security, iron gates, [and] iron slats.” Jim Carrey: “This is a massive, massive compound. It gets into actual brick and then wooden wall with more fern, more foliage.” Mark Hamill: “This best part [is that it’s] just like Donald Trump’s [proposed wall]: Steel slats up and down. You can see through to the other side. That’s really important for border security.” Barbra Streisand: “She is one of Trump’s biggest critics on immigration, building a wall, but she herself has a beautiful, beautiful wall and a beautiful gate where you can knock and ask to come inside.”

The 11-minute video tallied nearly 25,000 views in less than 24 hours.

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