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Gore Attacks Bradley for Debates

October 1, 1999

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Al Gore accused Democratic rival Bill Bradley of trying to ``duck″ his challenge to debate every two weeks.

Earlier this week, Gore challenged Bradley to a series of debates leading up to the primaries. His campaign later said Gore wanted a series of biweekly debates.

Bradley has not specifically turned down Gore’s proposal, but his campaign chairman sent a letter to Gore’s campaign outlining several previously arranged events in the next several months that will give the two candidates an opportunity to debate.

``Bill Bradley claims he’s a different kind of politician but apparently he’s the kind that ducks debates _ the very forums that offer voters their very best chance to hear what the candidates have to offer and lets them go one-on-one,″ Gore spokesman Chris Lehane said in response.

Bradley spokesman Eric Hauser disputed Lehane’s assessment. ``The letter makes it clear that we are happy to debate.″

In the letter, Douglas Berman, Bradley’s campaign chairman, pointed to an Oct. 27 joint town hall meeting in Manchester, N.H., and several forums next year at which the candidates could debate issues.


WASHINGTON (AP) _ Republican presidential candidate Elizabeth Dole wants President Clinton to act quickly to help residents in her home state of North Carolina who were hardest hit by Hurricane Floyd.

In a letter to the president, the former American Red Cross president said hurricane damages are expected to exceed $6 billion. Thousands of people are without homes and jobs because of flooding and many are living in temporary shelters, Dole said.

``I urge you to send to Congress a comprehensive disaster assistance package for the ravaged communities caught in the wake of Hurricane Floyd,″ Dole wrote in the Sept. 30 letter that her campaign made public on Friday. ``To delay would only add to the devastation suffered by those affected communities.″

Clinton has issued disaster declarations for North Carolina to speed the release of federal funds for recovery efforts. On Thursday, Vice President Al Gore announced the release of $20.3 million in funds to help families in low-income areas rebuild.

Clinton also is expected to send a disaster relief package to Congress.


HOUSTON (AP) _ Republican presidential front-runner George W. Bush has removed a Houston Chronicle sports columnist as the ghostwriter of his upcoming autobiography in a dispute over how many policy details should be included in the book.

Bush spokeswoman Karen Hughes will complete the book, and her name will appear as ghostwriter.

Mickey Herskowitz said his initial deal was that the book would be ``30 percent biography, 70 percent issues and (campaign) platform,″ the Chronicle reported Friday.

Ms. Hughes disagreed, saying it was to be a ``broad-strokes book on the governor’s themes and philosophies and how he arrived at them.″

Herskowitz said he sought detailed policy positions from the Bush campaign after completing the biographical portion of the book last summer but that he could not glean Bush’s stands on the issues from a carton of speeches sent over by the campaign.

He said Bush’s staff said the governor’s positions were ``still evolving.″

After a meeting between Ms. Hughes, Herskowitz and Bush, they decided that the veteran spokeswoman would finish the policy portion of the book and take the writing credit. Herskowitz will be acknowledged for ``getting the project started,″ she said.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) _ The Tennessee Republican Party launched a Web site Friday that will track Vice President Al Gore’s presidential campaign.

Gore announced Wednesday that he will move his campaign headquarters from Washington to Nashville next week.

``We are happy to welcome Al Gore back to Tennessee with a Web page dedicated to highlighting his record as a liberal, Washington insider,″ said Chip Saltsman, the state GOP chairman.

The Web site will be used to solicit money to pay for an anti-Gore campaign in Tennessee. It includes audio of Gore parodies aired on The Rush Limbaugh Show, and parodies created for the site.

The address is GoreFreeTennessee.com.

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