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BC-Entries Ruidoso Downs

May 20, 2019

1st_$8,000, trl, 3YO, 4f.<

Tempting Stone;126;Baddowndasher;126
Badhabit Jess;126;Five Bar Stoli;126
Senator Ryno;126;Uncurled Fist;126
Whole Lota Cheyenne;126;Champking Cartel;126

2nd_$8,000, trl, 3YO, 4f.<

A Snowy Dash;126;Senorita Sweetness;126
Tools in the Sky;126;Tres Jazz;126
Chicks a Moneymaker;126;Our Favorite Sweet;126
My Mystery Lover;126;Corona Squared;126
Frog Nation;126;One Famous Stone;126

3rd_$8,000, trl, 3YO, 4f.<

Pricey Girl;126;America Rules;126
Tres Through Fire;126;George W 43;126
Fyre Wall;126;Im Da Boss;126
Sera Jess Fine V;126;First True Heart;126
Steamin Eagle;126

4th_$8,000, trl, 3YO, 4f.<

Czar Cartel Mv;126;Cd Better Be First;126
Definitiv;126;Fast Flash Gordon;126
Coach a Comin;126;The Cookie Cartel;126
Lynnder 16;126;Rustys Miracle;126
Song of the C Bird;126;Blue Corazon;126

5th_$8,000, trl, 3YO, 4f.<

Bluz Viper;126;Vgc Fredo;126
Genereightor;126;One Ruthless Eagle;126
Breaking New Ground;126;Heza Special Secret;126
Jess Glance;126;Jm Royal Beduino;126
Moonflash Numbers;126;Magnum Moonflash;126

6th_$8,000, trl, 3YO, 4f.<

Brace for a Runaway;126;Crude Cartel V;126
Cds Temptress;126;Mystic Blues;126
The Runaway Favorite;126;Zee James;126
Jess Like Fire;126;Contemp;126
Flash and Roll;126;Swearengen;126

7th_$8,000, trl, 3YO, 4f.<

Pinhead Express;126;Starlite Eagle;126
Excessive Gambler;126;Sure Fire Quick;126
Shoshone Moon;126;Trombolli;126
Flying Cowboy 123;126;Denali Blizzard;126
Fantastic Feature Jr;126;Famous Dynasty;126

8th_$8,000, trl, 3YO, 4f.<

Sooner Cartel;126;One Prize Eagle;126
A Louisiana Fantasy;126;Americas Dash;126
Mann Child;126;Coco Jess Perry;126
Da Flying Angel;126;Midday News;126

9th_$8,000, trl, 3YO, 4f.<

Longgone Perry;126;Wilder Ways;126
Apollitical Flying;126;Mitey Political;126
Extremely Defining;126;Lethal Lil;126
Pie Pies Flashback;126;Music for Your Ears;126
Cd Rowdy James;126;Apocalyptical Jess;126

10th_$8,000, trl, 3YO, 4f.<

Pj Splash of Joy;126;Jess My Candy;126
Buckie Jones;126;Flying Eagle 07;126
Jess Kidding;126;Cds Wine N Dine;126
Pilot Points Moon;126;Mightys First Perry;126
Eagle Coast;126

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