WASHINGTON (AP) — Figures on government spending and debt in millions of dollars. The government's fiscal year runs Oct. 1 through Sept. 30.

Total public debt subject to limit Aug 24$19,408,306
Statutory debt limitSuspended
Total public debt outstanding Aug 24$19,442,913
Operating balance Aug 24$244,881
Interest fiscal year 2016 thru July$231,418
Interest same period pvs fiscal year$209,314
Deficit fiscal year 2016 thru July$513,662
Deficit same period pvs fiscal year$465,548
Receipts fiscal year 2016 thru July$2,678,824
Receipts same period pvs fiscal year$2,672,414
Outlays fiscal year 2016 thru July$3,192,487
Outlays same period pvs fiscal year$3,137,961
Gold assets in July$11,041