Police: Woman shot, beaten, cut

January 4, 2019

MICHIGAN CITY – A Michigan City man is facing multiple felony charges after police alleged he beat, cut and shot his girlfriend with a BB gun during a violent argument on Wednesday night.

William Eugene Johnson, 34, is facing felony counts of aggravated battery, battery causing serious bodily injury, battery with a deadly weapon, domestic battery and criminal recklessness following a confrontation with the woman at her apartment, according to police.

Police reports show officers were called several times to the home in the 1300 block of Ohio Street, including a report that Johnson had shot a woman with a BB gun multiple times, then came back and stole her phone. He was not there when police arrived earlier, so they parked nearby to watch the house.

Police were told Johnson had taken the woman’s phone, and she had taken his. When she kept calling him to get her phone back, Johnson made threats “to come back and shoot the place up,” the report said.

He later agreed to return the phone, but complained about “having cops stake out her house,” the report said. Police searched the area but could not find him.

About 9:20 p.m., the officers were dispatched to another call, and when they returned, saw two young girls run out of the house, the report said. One of them told officers “he’s inside stabbing her.”

Police heard yelling and screaming inside, and saw Johnson and the victim fighting, the report said. Johnson “had a hold of her by the hair and kept punching her repeatedly,” police said.

An officer pointed a gun at Johnson and ordered him to stop, but the fight continued until Johnson finally let her go, with a “a handful of her hair in his hand,” the officer said in the report.

Johnson was “covered in blood” and there was “blood and pools of blood” all over the apartment, police said.

One officer tried to hold him down and cuff him, but he kept struggling and threatening to kill the woman, the report said. He was Tasered twice before he finally calmed down

The woman had “blood all over her face, arms, and shirt. She had blood in her hair and and her eye was swollen shut,” police said.

She told police she had been shot and stabbed in the head, and though she tried to stab Johnson in self-defense, was unable to because the knife broke, according to the report. She told police he then picked up another knife and stabbed her in the head.

She was taken to Franciscan Health Michigan City, and police later learned she had been shot in the eye with a BB gun, had a big gash on her forehead, and numerous cuts to her head and neck area, the report said. Police believe she was hit or cut with broken table legs, which were found outside in the yard.

Johnson required three stitches to his left forehead, and suffered lacerations to his hands, police said.

The three young girls were taken to another home and were not injured, police said.

Johnson is in custody at the La Porte County Jail, but court information was not immediately available.

Police said another man who was in the home at the time was uncooperative and apparently intoxicated. He did tell police Johnson and the woman were dating, the report said. He also said they had been arguing all day and later began “fighting and destroying the furniture.”

He said he didn’t see what happened because Johnson threatened him, so he stayed in his room, the report said. However, police said he was intoxicated and nearly incoherent.

The woman told police she and Johnson had dated for 1-2 years, and he initially became upset when she went to her mother’s home on New Year’s Eve instead of going out with him, the report said.

Police were able to recover a BB gun, and two bent and broken knives, one of which had blood on it, the report said.

— From staff reports

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