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Hart Supporter Has Deep Louisiana Ties With PM-Hart, Bjt

May 6, 1987

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) _ William Broadhurst, the Washington lawyer who said Donna Rice stayed at his house and not Gary Hart’s, is a power broker in state politics and an ″aide without credentials″ in the Hart campaign.

Broadhurst has strongly disputed a report by The Miami Herald that the Miami woman spent Friday night and most of Saturday with Hart in his Capitol Hill townhouse while the presidential candidate’s wife was in Denver.

The lawyer told the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate that Miss Rice stayed at his home. He said she accompanied Lynn Armandt, who was being interviewed for a job on his staff.

A native of Crowley, Broadhurst has been closely associated with Gov. Edwin Edwards since he became one of Edwards’ law partners in 1963.

Since 1971, when Edwards won his first term, Broadhurst has expanded his practice to Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Houston and Washington. At 47, he is married, has two children, and works mainly in Washington and Baton Rouge.

He represents primarily clients from the energy industry as a lawyer or as a lobbyist in Congress. Most recently, however, he has spent time advising Hart and traveling with him across the country.

A spokeswoman for the Hart campaign said Broadhurst has raised campaign money in Louisiana and elsewhere, but that he is not a paid staff member.

Raymond Strother, a Louisiana native and friend of Broadhurst’s, said he introduced Hart and Broadhurst about two years ago and the two have become friends.

Strother called Broadhurst a kind of ″aide without credentials″ to the Hart camp. Still a power broker in Louisiana, Broadhurst helped set up Hart’s meetings with public officials in the state last month, Strother said.

Although frequently out of the state, Broadhurst remains one of the few members of Edwards’ inner circle of friends and confidants and has handled state business in Washington.

In 1979, Broadhurst’s law firm received $585,500 in state contracts, more than any other law firm in the state.

In 1983, Broadhurst and Edwards’ brother Marion spearheaded the governor’s landslide victory and then headed Edwards’ transition team.

That was the year Edwards’ brother Nolan was shot and killed, and Broadhurst was at the governor’s side during those traumatic hours.

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