Poultry producers betting big on Costco processing plant in Fremont

November 25, 2018

LINCOLN - Nebraska poultry producers are betting that the huge chicken plant in Fremont will provide a new, badly needed revenue source.

For 25-year-old Colten Schafersman the Costco/Lincoln Premium Poultry chicken plant provides opportunity to continue a way of life.

“We’ve been here for 130 years, give or take, and I really want my family to be here for another 130 years,” Schafersman tells Brownfield Ag News.

Schafersman is betting big on Costco. With the back of his grandfather, Schafersman has invested two-million dollars in three pullet barns south of Hooper.

Lincoln Premium Poultry CEO Walt Shafer says such investment will have a bigger impact than anything the company can do to clear misconceptions about the plant.

“We want prospective farmers, we want the community, we want you to actually come and see and say, ‘That isn’t what I thought it was,’” Shafer tells Brownfield Ag News. “This thing is unique, this thing here is nice, this thing here is going to do a good job, and it’s going to make that producer a good income.”

Costco has entered in to contracts with more than100 poultry producers in 14 northeastern Nebraska counties as well as some in Iowa. Once the plant reaches full capacity, it will process more than two million chickens a week, mostly rotisserie chickens to be sold at Costco stores. The plant is expected to open late next year.

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