Case remains stalled for accused bombmaker

August 1, 2018

KINGMAN — The standstill continued Tuesday in the case of a Bullhead City man accused of setting off small bombs in the area.

Philip Krikorian Jr., 50, is charged with terrorism and three weapon charges for allegedly setting off several bombs in 2016 in the Bullhead City area. He also is charged in a newer case with another weapons charge and endangerment. He is being held on a $1.7 million bond.

Superior Court Judge Richard Weiss ordered transcripts be made available from two hearings in June and July 2017 before Superior Court Judge Lee Jantzen. The transcripts would show statements made by Krikorian’s former attorney about the defendant being indigent.

Weiss also ordered a follow up of Indigent Defense Services efforts to provide Krikorian with an attorney. The judge set the next hearing for Sept. 11.

Krikorian continues to claim that he is indigent and asked for a court-appointed attorney. He also claims that his Sixth Amendment rights are being violated. Krikorian continues to claim that documented evidence of more than $110,000 in an Utah bank is fabricated and that he has no access to that money.

Weiss ruled in May that Krikorian is not indigent, can afford to hire his own attorney and is not entitled to a county defense attorney. It is Krikorian’s burden to prove he is indigent.

Krikorian is accused of setting off a bomb Aug. 19, 2016, on Gemstone Avenue in Bullhead City. Witnesses saw a red Dodge pickup truck drive away, police reported.

On Aug. 22, 2016, a surveillance camera caught a man putting a bomb on the ground in an alley on Hancock Road then walking away before it exploded. There were no injuries or damage in either bombing.

Police went to Krikorian’s Diamond Drive house Sept. 4, 2016, and found materials on his porch believed to be used in the Aug. 22, 2016, explosion. Police searched his home and allegedly found incendiary devices and several completed improvised explosive devices. Police also found a pistol in the home.

The charges in the second case allege that Krikorian set off a bomb on Nov. 20, 2015, in a vacant lot next to his home, damaging a neighboring mobile home

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