Chamber Corner: Riddle springing into activity

March 25, 2019
Jane Mitchell

It’s officially spring and oh how we are enjoying the sun and the beauty of nature. Our volunteer-maintained flower boxes in the downtown area are blooming gloriously.

It’s such a welcome sight after the past few weeks of winter weather. We are so appreciative of all the hard work our city and school crews put in to keep our streets clear and safe during this recent Snowmageddon. This created an added burden along with the regular duties of keeping the city and schools up and running. (A big shoutout to the volunteers who assisted in this snow removal process, very much appreciated.)

Winter Sports Awards were March 14, prom is April 14 and high school graduation is June 1. There is so much to do in the preparation for these events. Such an exciting time for our young adults as they make strides toward the next phase of their lives.

Our library is going strong with various fun and exciting events planned for all ages. The staff is working hard to keep the library vibrant and relevant. Check the social media pages for upcoming events, starting with a big book and bake sale from May 11-31.

The library will also host “Senior’s Flawless Meatloaf Fusion” at the Community Center. This is a program geared toward seniors and is performed by members of the Oregon Humanities “Conversation’s Organization.” Call Riddle City Library at 541-874-2070 for dates and times. Log on to the website or follow them on Facebook as well as The Buzz in Riddle Facebook page.

Sawdust Jubilee will be upon us before we know it (look for your donation letter in the mail). The Dinner & Auction will be May 13 at the high school gym.

The jubilee and all it entails will be June 29. Keep checking our updates on social media for more information.

So much is being planned for the summer months, lots of sports and activities planned, if you haven’t been to a high school or junior high game lately, you owe it to yourself to attend. Signups for spring and summer sports is happening as we speak. Just-Us drama and band classes are wrapping up their statewide tour (if you haven’t seen this in the flesh, mark your calendars for next year). During spring break from March 25-29, the high school band will be traveling to California to perform and our baseball team will be in Corvallis participating in a two-day tournament. Softball and baseball are in full swing. Driver Ed will begin April 9 and end May 21. Contact the high school to register.

Clay Potential is hosting classes, call the studio for times and dates.

April 13 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., there is a craft fair at the community center. Come on over to experience lots of high-quality crafts for sale; vendors are welcome.

4-H is meeting, training, practicing and preparing to showcase its goods and animals at the Douglas County Fair. This is such a great way to keep our kids busy and productive as well as teaching responsibility

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone with storm damage to file a report at http://dcso.com.storm/. Fill out the form as best you can.

There is no guarantee there will be any assistance but in the event it happens, you’re prepared.

We are strongly encouraged by the building construction at the 103 exit. Grocery Outlet and Dollar Tree are two of the anchor stores, more to come later.

Rumors abound about the possibility of a gas station in Riddle (that would be super exciting). As previously posted, we continue to seek businesses that will round out and complement our existing businesses in Riddle.

It is with much sadness that we said goodbye to two longtime Riddle residents.

With the passing of Dane Everett and Norman Aikins, more pieces of our history laid to rest. Both gentlemen were active in the community and made significant contributions. They will be missed.