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Bright and Brief

June 21, 1985

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) _ ″Johnny Passion″ and four other male strippers certainly showed they had hearts of gold.

They’re going to be taking it off for the local American Diabetes Association chapter on Sunday.

″I just had my fingers crossed hoping these young men would accept us,″ Suzanne Strain said of a decision by the five to dance to raise money for the association.

″They think we are doing them a favor,″ said Strain, fund-raiser for the association’s West Michigan branch, ″but they’re doing the Diabetes Association the favor.″

The five - David ″Daring Dave″ Shelton, Sam ″Champaign King″ Hill, brothers Steve ″Steve Midnight″ Schwander and Nick ″Italian Heartthrob″ Schwander, and a dancer who calls himself just ″Johnny Passion″ - complained last week that their offer to strip for charity was getting no takers.

″I was getting to the point where we didn’t think anybody wold take our money,″ Nick Schwander said.

″This kid has a heart of gold,″ Strain said of the ″Italian Heartthrob.″

″I think he was crushed by the fact that some people thought his money wasn’t as good as theirs,″ she added.


TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) - An alternative education program offered by the Tucson Unified School District inadvertently became a lesson in alternative spelling.

Students attending classes at the ″Junior High Accomodation School″ no doubt will learn that their teachers are not so accommodating when it comes to spelling ″accommodation.″

The sign, which had been in place for about a year, recently was removed, after a reporter asked about the missing ″m.″

″We took the sign down to avoid gross embarrassment,″ said Patricia Murphy, of the school district’s communications office.

Pamela Trotter-Cornell, the school district’s director of alternative programs, said a new sign had been ordered, and this time the name there’ll be no errors.

″I personally will inspect it for the proper spelling,″ she promised.


NEW YORK (AP) - Looking for something for that special someone? How about giving her Poison?

That’s the suggestion from the French house of Christian Dior, which unveiled the new perfume in Paris this week. It’s expected to be available in the United States in fall 1986.

Susan Biehn, a Dior spokeswoman based in New York, said the name was chosen because it’s ″revolutionary.″

″It is an adventurous name for an adventurous product ... you give the gift of ‘Poison’ to a person who lives that type of life,″ Miss Biehn said.

A person who just kills you, perhaps.

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