Beary Nice Visit

October 7, 2018

Police said a bear photographed in a common room at a condominium building left on its own without coming into close contact with people.

A resident of Bear Claw Condominiums in Steamboat Springs, Colorado snapped a photo through a glass door of the bear wandering through a common room inside the condo building Sunday afternoon. Steamboat Springs Police Cmdr. Annette Dopplick said the bear was first spotted on the second floor of the building and was also seen in an elevator and possibly a locker room before leaving on its town through a double door.

Dopplick said the bear’s exit was ideal because it avoided close contact with people. “While it’s unfortunate that the animal got into the interior of the building, the outcome here is a good one,” Dopplick said. “The animal was able to leave without any kind of interaction with people.” Police said the bear did not cause any damage, but it did use the bathroom inside the building.

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