Digital Mike: Cross country skier blogs about life, fun

July 7, 2018


Jessie Diggins, the Minnesota woman who captured headlines with her skiing at the Winter Olympics, also blogs. And she does it well.

Jessie’s World

Jessie Diggins is a star. And she’s a Minnesotan! Her blog is a good way to stay up on what she’s doing, her zest for life and good issues. The one that caught my eye recently was her good exploration of body issues and explaining how she wrestled with those issues during her career. Diggins also has great advice on how to counter messages girls might encounter in society about body issues. Read over her other posts as well. You’ll be able to see how she stays so fit. She’s active and she loves it. A good attitude for life.


Road cycling

I’m a fan of talented kids putting their words out in the public. Here’s a great example of a talented young person, who has found her interests and a way to share them. Her name is Sylvi Teich, a 13-year-old international road cycling fanatic and aspiring cycling journalist from Milwaukee. She’s the daughter of Mitch and Gretchen Teich. Some folks might remember Mitch from his days in Rochester at MPR News. I really like Sylvi’s work. It’s educational for someone like me, who’s not versed in the cycling world, and you can tell she’s having fun. Here’s a bit of her description: “While some of my friends are into the Chainsmokers, Coldplay, and Sia, my rock stars are Romain Bardet, Rigoberto Urán, and Richie Porte. Plus, I bet I’m the only girl in my middle school with a picture of Esteban Chaves in my locker. VeloRambling is a chance for me to write about the sport I love to watch. I’m learning a lot about strategies that teams use from grand tours to one-day races, but I still have a lot of questions.” Give it a read.


Great photos

National Geographic Traveler just released its Photographer of the Year galleries. Wow! I’m in awe of the work that professional photographers can produce and this shows the talented eye and hard work that can produce great images of nature. Click through them. You’re bound to find a favorite.


Tracking mosquitoes

There’s a joke that the state bird in Minnesota is the mosquito. Having just returned from a vacation where I encountered a few, I’ll go with it. But mosquitoes can also be troublesome with diseases. So how can you help? Get the app that helps with reporting on mosquitoes where you are. NASA talks about how the information helps them in tracking and predicting diseases from mosquitoes. Pretty cool. Since you’re already donating blood to the cause, why not help?


North Shore views

While southern Minnesota baked in the summer heat, Minnesota’s North Shore was mostly cool. Why not savor the views if you can’t get there for the good temperatures? Here’s a favorite webcam stop that shows sites along Lake Superior. Dial in for a look.


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