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January 31, 1995

CHICAGO (AP) _ Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s peace plan: Make love, not war.

``If each Chechen would have a woman, there would be no war,″ he tells a female interviewer in the March issue of Playboy magazine. ``That’s why you’re the source of war on the planet.″

Russia’s flamboyant ultranationalist leader also suggested that interviewer Jennifer Gould and translator Masha Pavlenko undress and have sex with his two young male bodyguards.

Sex, he said, is ``best when it’s with a group.″

Asked if he’d ever had sex with four people, he replied, ``Of course. I love to watch more.″

Why? ``To see how the others do it,″ he said. ``To see the mistakes. Plus, I’m lazy. It inspires me to the passion of youth.″

The Playboy issue goes on sale Feb. 7.


DENVER (AP) _ No ``Monkey Business″ here. Gary Hart plans to conduct serious interviews when his new weekly program, ``Heartland,″ goes on the air next month.

Hart will quiz international leaders, sports figures, authors and others. The show premieres Sunday evening on KOA radio in Denver. It will reach listeners in 38 states.

``One of the things I’ve always wanted to explore was the degree to which electronic media could be used for a somewhat higher purpose,″ Hart said.

Hart, who represented Colorado in the U.S. Senate from 1974-1986, was a front-runner for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination, but had to leave the race because of his alleged liaison with model Donna Rice aboard the yacht ``Monkey Business.″


WESCOSVILLE, Pa. (AP) _ When does a dirty coffee cup INCREASE business at a restaurant? When it’s been soiled by the president’s lips.

Customers have been flocking to the Charcoal Drive-in to gawk at a mug President Clinton used when he stopped in Wednesday after a speech at Kutztown University.

Drive-in employees plan to enshrine the cup, its saucer and a coffee-soiled napkin and spoon Clinton used.

``It’s a rare thing,″ waitress Judie Mengucci said. ``Now how often does the president stop in for a cup of coffee?″

For the record: Clinton ordered a decaf and, after posing with the restaurant staff for a photo, slipped behind the counter for seconds.

``Nobody had noticed that he needed a refill,″ Metzgar said. ``So he went and helped himself.″


NEW YORK (AP) _ Was that a pistol in Al Goldstein’s pocket, or was he just glad to be in court?

The publisher of Screw magazine was arrested Monday after he tried to pass through the state Supreme Court metal detector with a loaded .22-caliber automatic in his jacket pocket.

Court officers spotted the gun’s X-ray image. They said Goldstein, who has been watching a friend’s civil trial, claimed he forgot the weapon was in the pocket.

The officers quoted him as saying, ``Oh, my God, I forgot I had it. How could I be so stupid?″

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