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Demos Stage Walkout During LaRouche Candidate’s Speech

May 19, 1986

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) _ About a quarter of the Democrats attending a forum for party candidates quietly walked out Sunday when a supporter of extremist Lyndon LaRouche addressed the group.

No one applauded when Robert Patton, who is running for the U.S. Senate nomination, ended his speech, saying LaRouche was unifying the Democratic Party.

Afterward, those who walked out returned to listen to the rest of the candidates in New Hampshire’s September primary. About 50 people attended the forum.

After Patton finished speaking, Lorne Worthington, a member of the executive committee, said that although the Democrats allowed Patton to speak, ″we must make it clear at every opportunity that he is not a Democrat.

″You notice that when he speaks he announces he’s a LaRouche candidate. He should run on the LaRouche Party, not the Democratic Party,″ Worthington said.

Earlier, George Bruno, state party chairman, made it clear that Patton was not welcome at the Democrats’ meeting.

″It is not my intention to invite extremist groups,″ he said. ″I want to make it clear we’re not going to be like Illinois.″

Two LaRouche supporters won surprise victories in the March Illinois primary, winning the nomination for lieutenant governor and secretary of state. Adlai Stevenson, nominated for governor by the Democrats, has refused to run with the LaRouche supporters.

LaRouche believes that the queen of England heads a worldwide drug ring and that AIDS victims should be quarantined.

Patton faces retired Polaroid employee Robert Dupay and lawyer Endicott Peabody in the race to oppose incumbent GOP Sen. Warren Rudman.

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