Stereotypes about students are not true

October 2, 2018

Is a student’s high school life so care-free? No, I do not believe high school life is as care-free as many think.

During my freshman year, I found out the truth about being a high school student. It’s that high school isn’t easy at all.

We must worry about homework and keeping our grades up while trying to juggle extra curriculars. (In small towns, students tend to have more extra curriculars than a larger school such as Norfolk.) That’s not even including the jobs that some of us have.

If you happen to be an athlete; whether on a court, field, or stage, you must struggle with early morning and late-night practices while trying to stay caught up with your homework. That’s not even mentioning all the games, invitationals, and competitions throughout the year.

Some of us may even have to support our families, like I do. I understand the struggle of being a high school student. Therefore, the stereotype of the “care-free life of a student,” is false.

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