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Current Quotes from the 1992 Presidential Campaign

October 6, 1992

Undated (AP) _ ″This is an effort to embarrass President Bush 30 days before the election.″ - Senate Republican Leader Robert Dole, on the first congressional override of a bill during President Bush’s presidency.


″I’m disgusted that I’m being used in an ad for the Clinton campaign.″ Lori Huntoon, of West Allis, Wis., who appeared in a Clinton ad without her knowledge.


″We won’t have Ken and Barbie images up there (at the debates) as you get with the Democrats, or Indiana Fitzwater running around in his hat. You won’t see that kind of stuff.″ - Orson Swindle, Ross Perot’s national volunteer coordinator, referring to Bill and Hillary Clinton and the safari hat of President Bush’s spokesman, Marlin Fitzwater.

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