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Forbes Ranks Super 50 American Companies With PM-Biggest Companies, Bjt

April 2, 1991

NEW YORK (AP) _ Here is Forbes magazine’s ″Super 50″ ranking of America’s most powerful companies.

The ranking is based on a composite value of the companies’ 1990 sales, profits, assets and stock market value.

Each entry below includes current rank, the name of the company and change from 1989 list.

1. General Electric, up from 2nd.

2. Exxon, up from 3rd.

3. IBM, up from 4th.

4. Philip Morris, up from 6th.

5. American Telephone & Telegraph, up from 7th.

6. Mobil, up from 8th.

7. Chevron, up from 43rd.

8. E.I. du Pont de Nemours, up from 9th.

9. Ford Motor, down from 5th.

10. Amoco, up from 12th.

11. Sears, Roebuck, down from 10th.

12. American International Group, up from 16th.

13. GTE, unchanged.

14. Texaco, up from 15th.

15. Federal National Mortgage, up from 21st.

16. BellSouth, down from 14th.

17. Procter & Gamble, up from 19th.

18. Atlantic Richfield, unchanged.

19. Dow Chemical, down from 17th.

20. Bell Atlantic, up from 22nd.

21. Boeing, up from 35th.

22. BankAmerica, up from 28th.

23. PepsiCo, up from 29th.

24. ITT, down from 23rd.

25. Nynex, down from 24th.

26. Wal-Mart Stores, up from 39th.

27. Eastman Kodak, up from 34th.

28. American Express, down from 11th.

29. J.P. Morgan & Co., new to list.

30. Ameritech, unchanged.

31. U S West, up from 32nd.

32. Loews, down from 26th.

33. Aetna Life & Casualty, down from 27th.

34. Pacific Telesis, down from 31st.

35. Southwestern Bell, up from 36th.

36. USX, down from 25th.

37. Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing, up from 42nd.

38. Kmart, new to list.

39. Pacific Gas & Electric, down from 38th.

40. United Technologies, up from 44th.

41. Citicorp, down from 20th.

42. Bristol-Myers Squibb, new to list.

43. Hewlett-Packard, up from 49th.

44. Johnson & Johnson, new to list.

45. Coca-Cola, up from 50th.

46. Southern Company, up from 48th.

47. Tenneco, down from 41st.

48. International Paper, new to list.

49. J.C. Penney, down from 40th.

50. SCEcorp, new to list.

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