Sen. Baker, Back Senate Bill 90

March 17, 2019

Editor: In a July 2018 Centers for Disease Control report, Pennsylvania’s average firearm suicide rate over five years exceeded the national average. Our state averages approximately 1,000 suicides annually. A study of mass shootings in 2009-2016 revealed that in 51 percent of those incidents, the attacker gave dangerous warning signs prior to the shootings. When a person is in crisis and considering suicide or gun violence, family members and law enforcement officers are often the first to see warning signs. Pennsylvania has the opportunity to join 13 other states that have passed extreme risk protection order laws that provide a way to seek a court order to temporarily remove firearms from a family member who evidence shows is a danger to himself or others. While it may not be possible to prevent every tragic death from suicide and gun violence, there are common sense measures to prevent many of them. Pennsylvania Senate Bill 90 is a reasonable response to what is often a temporary crisis, protecting both the gun owner and third parties until the crisis is resolved. And it preserves the gun owner’s right to recover his firearms once the crisis passes. Senate Bill 90 is currently in the Judiciary Committee, whose chair is Sen. Lisa Baker, R-20, Dallas. For the safety and security of Pennsylvania residents, I hope that Sen. Baker will support this bill and move it through her committee so that it can be voted on and approved by the full Senate. Diane Dreier Volunteer Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America DALLAS