People Talk

August 5, 2018

Bridge winners

SurVivors: July 6, Eileen Waters, Charlotte Allman, Jessie McClain, TGIF Janice Aldridge; July 20, Eileen Waters, Juanita Duncan, Gayle Cox; TGI, Eileen Waters; July 27, Janice Aldridge, Pat Mott, Juanita Duncan and Gayle Cox; TGIF Janice Aldridge.

Foxy Ladies: July 17, Juanita Duncan, Janet Gardner, and Nancy Sullivan; July 24 are: Virginia Ramsey, Pat Mott, and Juanita Duncan

Huntington Duplicate: July 25, Flight A, William Schaefer & Judy Barnes, Celeste Fraley & John Cochrane, Nancy Sullivan & Pat Stinson, Pat Crews & Barbara Silverstein Flight B Nancy Sullivan & Pat Stinson, Celeste Fraley & John Cochrane, Pat Crews & Barbara Silverstein, Bob Hardin & Elaine Whitt; July 30, Flight A, John Cochrane & William Schaefer, Bob Hardin & Selby Hardin, Elaine Whitt & Judy Barnes, Caly McCaskey & Sally McCaskey, Pat Ray & Tom Jones; Flight B, Bob Hardin & Selby Litton, Pat Ray & Tom Jones, AJ Stovitz & Mark Semanco, Sam Zimmerman & Francis Foose; Flight C, Sam Zimmerman & Francis Zimmerman, Alicia Adams & Patsy McComas

Chesapeake Good Timers: July 30, Charlotte Allman, Judy Ferguson, Julie Coniff.

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