Karamba Security Announces Out-of-the-box Support for BlackBerry QNX Software

June 6, 2018

DETROIT, June 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TU-AUTOMOTIVE -- Karamba Security, a world-leading provider of end-to-end automotive cybercrime prevention solutions today announced Karamba Carwall support for BlackBerry QNX software to enhance the security of automotive electronics systems.

BlackBerry QNX offers a foundational software platform for safety-critical cockpit and autonomous driving systems. Karamba’s Autonomous Security software integrates seamlessly with QNX software and hardens automotive system ECUs according to factory settings against cyberattacks, preventing malware from infiltrating the vehicle to ensure customer safety.

“We are pleased that Karamba has extended their support to include our platform,” said Grant Courville, vice president of Product Management and Strategy, BlackBerry QNX. “Karamba Carwall adds another layer of security to BlackBerry QNX’s already highly secure software offering. The combination provides customers with stronger cybersecurity for in-vehicle systems.”

The Karamba solution protects against dropper and in-memory attacks by Karamba’s hardening at the ECU level. Benefits include:

-- Seamless, out-of-the-box, hardening of applications running on the QNX OS -- Automatic prevention of buffer overflow exploits and cyberattacks -- Zero false positives; all in-vehicle systems work as designed -- No need for developer intervention -- Avoids time-to-market delays

“BlackBerry QNX has established a leadership position in safety-certified and secure automotive software,” said Ami Dotan, Karamba Security’s co-founder and CEO. “We are proud to be working with BlackBerry QNX with our Autonomous Security solution that automatically hardens ECUs and see this as validation that our technical approach sets the standard for preventive automotive cybersecurity.”

Recently, Karamba Security was selected as Gartner’s Cool Vendor for IoT Cybersecurity. In the two years following its launch, Karamba Security is engaging with 17 automotive OEMs and tier-1 suppliers. Through rigorous testing engagements with its customers, Karamba has proven that its solution is capable of prevention with zero false positives, adding negligible performance overhead to the resource constrained environment of the car.

About Karamba Security Karamba Security provides industry-leading automotive cybersecurity solutions for autonomous and connected cars. Its Autonomous Security software products, including Carwall and SafeCAN, provide end-to-end in-vehicle cybersecurity for the endpoints and the internal messaging bus. Karamba Security’s award-winning solutions prevent cyberattacks with zero false positives and secure communications, including OTA updates, with negligible performance impact. Karamba is engaged with 17 OEM and tier-1 customers and received numerous industry awards. More information is available at www.karambasecurity.com.

Karamba Security Business Contact:Amir Einav, VP of Marketing amir.einav@karambasecurity.com 214-620-7320

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