The Prayer of the Lost\Jedediah Grant

September 6, 2018

Glenn Rawson

For anyone on the journey of life who this day finds himself lost, bewildered, and confused, please consider this story.

In the spring of 1834, young Jedediah Grant was traveling with a large group of men called Zion’s Camp from Ohio to Missouri. As the camp journeyed, Jedediah moved off away from them into the woods to hunt game. It wasn’t long before he was 10 or 11 miles distant from the moving body of men and had no idea in which direction they had gone.

“I entirely lost the track,” he said, “and having no compass, I knew not towards what point I should travel. I kept traveling on till the afterpart of the day; I then concluded I would pray, but I could not get any impression where the camp was.”

Jedediah persisted in prayer and soon the Spirit of the Lord gave him an impression. He opened his eyes and there before him was the camp moving on in regular order.

“I could see it just as clear as I did in the morning,” he said, “there were the people, the wagons and horses, all in their places as I left them in the forepart of the day, and I supposed they were not more than 80 rods off.”

But at that moment, Jedediah looked away, and when he looked back in the same direction the camp was gone. It was not there. What to do now? He decided to travel in the direction he had seen the camp and after covering another 8 to 10 miles he came upon them. They looked exactly as he had seen them in vision.

There is no limit to what an all-powerful God can do when we ask for his help.

Source: Journal of Discourses, Volume 3 Discourse 2.

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