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Police Arrest 4 Turks, Swede In Alleged Forgery Racket

September 8, 1988

LONDON (AP) _ Police said today they had arrested four Turkish men and a Swedish woman in connection with a forged document center one newspaper described as the largest ever found in Britain.

Scotland Yard said in a brief statement that police seized thousands of forged passports, visas, marriage certificates, checkbooks, travelers checks, foreign driving licences, car registration documents, birth certificates and other fake documents at a house at Islington in north London.

The statement named the men arrested as Refik Ozcan, 33; Hilni Sehri, 33; Mustafa Yoldas, 26; and Hamit Ersozoglu, 36. They named the accused woman as Ann Carnegie, 43.

The Times of London said the five were arrested earlier this week.

The paper said that what police described as a ″massive forgers’ den″ was found by detectives from Scotland Yard’s stolen car squad during an operation that began as an investigation into the theft of expensive rented cars in London’s financial district.

The paper said detectives described the documents as top-quality forgeries. It said the center, the largest ever found in Britain, allegedly was able to supply a client with a full new identity - for a fee.

The paper said the police haul included visa and landing stamps for various countries for use with the forged passports.

No details were given about possible clients,but The Times said criminals ranging from terrorists to armed robbers would be ready to pay a high price for a new identity to get them out of Britain.

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