NEW YORK (AP) _ Former President Clinton has agreed to write his memoirs for Alfred A. Knopf, the publisher announced Monday. Terms were not immediately disclosed but he was expected to receive one of the biggest advances ever for a nonfiction book.

The book is expected to be out in 2003.

``President Clinton is one of the dominant figures on the global stage,'' Sonny Mehta, Knopf's president and editor in chief, said in a statement. ``He has lived an extraordinary life, and he has a great story to tell.''

Knopf is one of the industry's most prestigious publishers and Clinton's book will be edited by Robert Gottlieb, whose other authors have included Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, the late historian Barbara Tuchman and the late publisher Katherine Graham.

The record advance for nonfiction was $8.5 million for worldwide rights to a book by Pope John Paul II in 1994.