Council to formalize committees, approve contracts

May 4, 2019

The Ludington City Council on Monday will vote on adopting a proposed ordinance that would formally establish and define the duties of the city’s four standing committees.

The committees are personnel and finance, public safety and utilities, building and licenses, and cemetery, parks, recreation and waterfront.

“Action by the standing committees is restricted to approving recommendations to the City Council or as otherwise specifically requested or authorized by City Council,” the proposed ordinance states.

It also states that committee meetings will be held at Ludington City Hall and will be open to the public, except as permitted by the Open Meetings Act. Likewise, all writings that are public records will also be subject to disclosure, except as permitted by the Freedom of Information Act.


The council will consider approving the payment of additional engineering fees for the wastewater treatment plant. If approved, the engineering firm Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber Inc., which designed the treatment plant improvements, would receive an additional $163,580.

The additional fees are regarding the portion of the improvement project made necessary to accommodate the treatment of House of Flavors’ manufacturing waste. The city already has a contract with House of Flavors for the company to contribute $1.7 million to the project.

The council will vote on awarding the city’s 2019 crack sealing contract to Wolverine Sealcoating LLC of Jackson. Wolverine was the lowest bidder, offering to do the work for an estimated $1.20 per pound of material. The other contractor that bid for the contract was the Saginaw-based company Fahrer Asphalt Sealers LCC at the price of $1.84 per pound.

The council will consider approving the negotiation items for the city’s contract with the Service Employees International Union.

The council will also vote on approving two final budget amendments for 2019.

One amendment would transfer about $20,000 from the city’s general fund to the debt retirement fund for the first principal payment on the fire station. Another amendment would address the Cemetery Department being about $3,000 over budget, according to a memo from City Clerk Deb Luskin.


The council will hear a first reading of a proposed amendment to the city’s sidewalk replacement ordinance that would mandate the city to have a published list of targeted areas for sidewalk improvements.

Owners of property in the targeted areas would be required to pay half the cost to replace any damaged public sidewalks adjoining their property prior to transferring ownership of the property. The Ludington Department of Public Works would also inspect the sidewalks prior to property transfer.

In the city’s current ordinance, there are no target areas, so all property owners are required to pay half the cost of replacing their damaged sidewalks before transferring property.


The council will also vote on adopting a proposed ordinance amendment that would eliminate certain restrictions on the location of events where solicitors, peddlers and transient merchants are permitted. The locations include downtown Ludington and city parks.

The council will vote on adopting a social media policy to regulate the online conduct of city employees posting on behalf of the city government.

The council will vote on approving the United Way of Mason County to host the Suds on the Shore event on Aug. 17 at Rotary Park.

Mayor Steve Miller is expected to proclaim June 1 as Childhood Cancer Awareness Day and to show support for the 2019 Childhood Cancer Campaign Lemonade Stands.