Barb Beckstrom: What’s going on with gas prices?

December 6, 2018


Falling in love with the Havasu area is an easy thing to do. My husband and I bought a house the second year we were here. We still go back to Michigan for six months to be with family. One of the things we liked was that the gas prices were about 10 to 20 cents lower here than in our tourist town in Michigan. My son told me the gas there is now at $2.11 a gallon! We’ve noticed an increase here over the last few year,s but it’s getting ridiculous! The Midwest has always had higher gas prices. Friends just arrived in Michigan last week, driving cross country in their motorhome. They said the average prices they paid was about $2.28. I was just wondering if anyone can give me a valid reason why our prices are higher than the national average. The average price in Missouri is $2.08. Nice.

Barb Beckstrom

Lake Havasu City

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