Fire restrictions lifted for Ferron-Price, Sanpete Districts

August 30, 2018

Restrictions against the use of campfires and charcoal grills outside of a Forest Service fire structure have been lifted. But officials urge the public to use extra caution and when done, put them out completely.

PRICE — Cooler, wetter weather has eased the concerns of Manti-La Sal National Forest officials, who have lifted fire restrictions on the Ferron-Price and Sanpete Districts. The officials remain cautious about dry vegetation on the forest and urge everyone to use extra care with campfires.

Prompted by high fire danger on the forest, the districts first issued the restrictions July 3, prohibiting the use of fires and charcoal grills outside of a Forest Service fire structure.

As the restrictions on campfires and grills are lifted, officials remind people that fireworks, exploding targets and tracer ammunition are always prohibited on the forest.

“If building a campfire, use extra caution,” said Forest Law Enforcement Officer Scott Watson. “Although we have had some good wetting storms, things are still really dry on the forest. Remember all the rules for safe campfires.”

Use existing fire rings when possible. If campers must build a fire ring, build it away from hanging branches; clear away any vegetation down to the soil and line it with rock.

Use sticks and logs that are not larger than the fire pit. Stay with the campfire. Be sure someone is near it, watching it at all times. When done, put the campfire out – COLD. Drown it. Stir it. Check it. Repeat.

Fireworks and exploding devices, including tracer ammunition, are always prohibited on the National Forest System lands.

“Enjoy a campfire,” said Watson. “But remember, most of the human caused wildfires on the forest are caused by unattended campfires.”

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