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AM-Prep: Kickers

May 21, 2019


FARGO, N.D. (AP) — Maybe he just wanted a spa day. A red panda who escaped his compound at a zoo in North Dakota has been found. Sheffield was found grooming himself in a tree outside the zoo. The panda went missing from the Red River Zoo in Fargo this past Thursday. He was found a day later perched in a tree near the zoo. Apparently he worked up an appetite while grooming himself; animal handlers lured him down from the tree with food _ before herding him back into his enclosure. The red panda, by the way, is an endangered species.


CANAAN, N.H. (AP) — Looks like award-winning chef José Andrés may be cooking up something special for a fired school cafeteria worker in New Hampshire. You may have heard about Bonnie Kimball; she was fired by a food supply vendor for giving a free lunch to a student who couldn’t pay for a meal. After word of the situation got out, the company offered to rehire her _ but she declined. Now Andrés has tweeted a link to a news story about Kimball, calling her a hero _ and advertising job openings at his restaurants. No word on whether she has taken him up on the potential job offer. Andres, who owns restaurants in Washington, Las Vegas and other cities, is known for his efforts to help Puerto Rico


NEW YORK (AP) — Woody Harrelson, beer thief? Looks that way _ and when we say “looks” in this case, it’s based on what the New York Police Department says. The NYPD used a photo of the actor in its facial recognition program in an attempt to identify a beer thief who looked like the actor. The use of Harrelson’s image was reported on by Georgetown University’s Center on Privacy and Technology, which highlighted the 2017 episode in a report about flaws in the use of facial recognition by law enforcement. The report suggests it can be fun to use a face detection system for entertainment purposes _ but another thing altogether to use it to identify would-be criminal suspects. A message was left with a representative for Harrelson, seeking comment.

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II

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