Katie Frazier: False lashes secret to enhancing makeup

September 27, 2018

False lashes are truly the magic behind makeup, in my opinion. They transform any look — whether it’s natural or dramatic — by adding volume, length or even just some depth to your natural lashes.

But, they can become pretty pricey. For example, one of the most popular pair of lashes on the market right now are the brand known as Lily Lashes, in the style “Miami.”

They’re a whopping $30! That’s about the price of a good quality eyeshadow palette! But, no worries, there are plenty of other options available that can look identical to the expensive ones for a fraction of the cost. As always, I got you covered.

Koko Lashes

I discovered Koko Lashes earlier this year after watching one of my favorite beauty influencers on Youtube, Raw Beauty Kristi. She was wearing a beautiful pair of thick, wispy lashes that instantly directed the eye to them. I couldn’t stop staring at them throughout the entire video, and when she said that they were “extremely affordable” I had to do some investigating.

Come to find out, “extremely affordable” was correct. The Koko Lashes in the style “Risque” that she was wearing in her video are only $6.99 on http://www.ladymoss.com. I immediately ordered them and a couple other styles and received them within a week.

I was very impressed with how high end they looked on my eyes. I probably got 5 to 10 good uses out of each pair, depending on how well I cleaned and stored them. Sometimes I can be a bit lazy and take my lashes off at my bathroom sink and just leave them there (Do as I say, not as I do).

DODO Lashes

Dodo Lashes is another brand that I discovered earlier this year after watching another makeup artist, Beauty by Bianca on Facebook. When she showed a pair of Dodo Lashes on a livestream, I thought for sure that they had to be expensive. They looked as high quality as Lily Lashes, and may or may not have had me drooling a little bit - no shame.

Then, in the comment section, someone asked how much those beautiful lashes cost her, and when she said $12, I was shocked. These lashes looked so amazing and high quality on Bianca, and I decided I needed to try them for myself, especially at that price point.

Once I received them in the mail, around 2 weeks later, I was so excited to see how high quality they looked in person. They lived up to my expectations and beyond. Some of the styles I ordered, like the D301′s and the D312′s became instant favorites. Though, they take a little longer to get to you because they’re an international brand, they are 100 percent worth the wait.

You can order your own Dodo Lashes on www.dodolashes.com and you can use my code “katieefrazierr” to save you some money on these already affordable lashes. Prices vary between $5 to $12.

Forever Luxe Lashes

So many of my followers already know my love for this brand as a whole, but one item I’m constantly wearing is the brand’s lashes - specifically their mink line.

Forever Luxe offers so many different styles, giving every single person an option. They have everyday, natural looking lashes and they also have the thick, dramatic looking lashes that are perfect for special events (or everyday if you’re extra like me). They also have different price points depending on the lash, ranging from $6-$21.

You can find Forever Luxe Lashes at www.foreverluxelashes.com and I also have a discount code with the brand - “katiee” and it is going to save you an extra 10 percent off.

Drugstore Lashes

Do you need something that you can just pick up on the go? No worries, the drugstore offers multiple brands and styles of lashes that are actually really nice quality.

Eylure is the first brand that I recommend. I believe that Eylure has so many beautiful styles because they team up with a lot of beauty influencers such as Nicole Guerriero, Jasmine Brown and Vegas Nay to create beautiful styles of they know us beauty lovers are going to want.

They have styles that are made to just accent the eyes, exaggerate, add volume and definition. Prices for Eylure Lashes range between $4.99-$11.99 and they even offer value packs of multiple pairs. You can find them at a local drugstore or Ulta.

Another brand to check out is Kiss Lashes. The brand also has a wide variety of styles suitable for everyone. They have the Faux Mink line and the Blowout line - which are two of my personal favorites - as well as the Lash Couture Push Up line, Lash Couture 5th Ave. line, Looks So Natural line and more. The brand offers value sets that are perfect if you are a continuous lash wearer or you are a makeup artist and want lashes for your kit. Of course, the price range is amazing. Kiss Lashes range from around $3.99-$11.99. You can find Kiss Lashes at your local drugstore, Walmart stores and Ulta.

There are so many affordable lash options out there that you don’t have to invest a large sum of money into purchasing. If you decide to check any of these options out, make sure to snap a picture and head over to my Facebook beauty group, Vanity Insanity, and show us those lashes. Lashes are one of our favorite topics over there. Happy Shopping!

Katie Frazier is a freelance makeup artist from Genoa, W.Va. She operates a social media account for both her makeup looks “Katelynne Frazier MUA” and a group called “Vanity Insanity.”

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