Comments On Swoyersville Culm Material

November 17, 2018

Editor: A few comments on the so-called removal of the Harry E. culm material (four million tons) in Swoyersville. You have a virtually intact rail line running right to this culm pile. All you have to do is install a switch from the old PLW line to the rails (between Tripp and Slocum). They are right across Church Street from the silt-pond. And put a crossing on Owen and Hughes streets plus remove overgrown vegetation from the railroad — and voila, no heavy truck traffic on Slocum Street. Steel wheels on hopper cars on steel rails do not create dust and the rail line has been there for decades. The cost would be maybe $150,000 to $200,000 for the switch, crossings and vegetation removal; a small fraction of the project’s $12 million cost. Also, only 40 percent of this mountain will be taken away (the coal dust from onsite screening). That still leaves 60 percent remaining and we have a man-made sculpture/mesa remaining that is maybe 20 to 30-feet high or higher. Someone is being snookered here and I think it is us, the taxpayers. Grants do come from tax money, no matter how you launder or sugarcoat it. Jonathan Kew KINGSTON

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