Staying Organized Get organizedbefore you drive

September 21, 2018

Every time you get into your automobile, you need to be prepared for grocery shopping, bad weather, car problems/delays. Organizing your trips will alleviate stress and panic.

For every trip, check to see if you have your registration and insurance card. Never leave your home without your cell phone. It is as essential as your driver’s license. In addition, know whom you will call if you need a tow due to car problem or accident. Keep the phone number of someone who will help you (relative or friend) and your local garage contact.

As an organized person, you should not use your car for storage or for eating/drinking/smoking. All of these acts make the car seem unkept. Not to mention there’s the chance to spill or stain clothing. When possible, cars should reside in a garage so they are protected against bad weather and theft.

Before doing your weekly shopping, check to see that you have everything you need. Cloth bags can be kept in the trunk. In hot weather it is a good idea to permanently have a large ice chest in the trunk for cold/frozen food items for your trip home. If you have space in your trunk, keep large, sturdy bins or crates to place your grocery bags so they will stand up.

For a change in weather, keep sunglasses, umbrella, flashlight, blanket or sweater available to grab as needed. In case of unforeseen auto problem or crash, keep stored in your car or trunk the following: paper and pen, starter cables, air pump, water and bungee cord. Finally, keep a full-size spare tire in the trunk, not the donut tires. These items will reduce stress when you find yourself in a jam.

The more prepared and organized you are each time you leave the house, the easier it will be to get back home safely.

Maria Ward has been a lifelong organizer applying techniques to personal life, business and learning. She worked as a professional organizer and was a member of the Houston professional organizers group. Now retired, she offers organizing classes at Lone Star College’s Academy for Lifelong Learning Program. Email: mariacward@gmail.com.

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