Computer glitch, fog delays local flights

April 1, 2019

HARLINGEN — Flights were delayed today in the Rio Grande Valley first due to a national computer snafu and then to weather.

Early this morning, the Federal Aviation Administration said several airlines had problems with a program called Aerodata, which is used to plan weight and balance for flights.

The FAA said the issue was resolved within a couple hours, although American Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines all reported problems that continued throughout the day.

Around noon, fog in the region became a problem, causing delays at Valley International Airport, Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport and at Corpus Christi International Airport.

Officials at Valley International said several flights were delayed by around 30 minutes. In Brownsville, some flights were delayed by up to 90 minutes early this afternoon.

By midday, 3,400 U.S. flights had been delayed, according to tracking service FlightAware, but it was unclear how many were related to backups due to the earlier technical issue or to weather, or perhaps a combination of both.

The FAA advised travelers to contact airlines directly for flight information and updates. Airlines said travelers should check online for the latest updates on flights on websites like www.flightaware.com