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August 29, 1986

Undated (AP) _ ″I didn’t wake up until Saturday. I saw some people in the yard already dead: my brother, his wife and three children, my sister and her children. I had nothing to do. I was out of my senses. On Sunday I buried my people. Then they brought me here on Monday.″ - Philip Ngong, from a hospital in Cameroon after volcanic gas killed hundreds.


″It’s one of those things that’s terrifying at the time, but is funny afterward.″ - George Houston, 61, a radio operator on Air Force B-36 bomber that mistakenly dropped a hydrogen bomb on New Mexico 29 years ago.


″It was over much too quick, a flash of brilliance and it was gone.″ - Jim Marshall, the only photographer allowed backstage during the Beatles’ last public concert, in San Franciscos’s Candelstick Park on Aug. 29, 1966.

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