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Prince Talks Up Anglo-American Business On Fourth Day Of Tour

March 1, 1988

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Prince Andrew and his pregnant wife, Sarah, lingered over a museum incubator but declined to cuddle the kicking mechanical infant inside Monday, the fourth day of a 10-day trade trip by the royal entourage.

The couple awoke aboard the 416-foot royal yacht Britannia beneath typically British gray skies with rain stalking their motorcade to a museum, department store and a supermarket sojourn described as a first royal visit to an American supermarket.

It was retail day for the Duke and Duchess of York.

The day began with Andrew welcoming top U.S executives for an investment seminar on the royal yacht, aimed at attracting American money to Britain. The couple then went ashore.

The incubator was the final stop on the royal couple’s walk through the Los Angeles County Museum of Science and Industry, which also included a tour of an exhibit on British technology. Despite repeated entreaties from a British photographer, Sarah wouldn’t pick up the kicking pink babe, dubbed Samantha by the exhibitors.

″Can you believe them?″ she asked her guides, laughing at the jostling crowd of newsmen kept in check by a chain barrier and U.S. State Department security guards. The duchess is expecting a child in August.

At the Vons Pavilions market, a deluxe, high-tech supermarket in suburban Arcadia, the duchess tasted coffee-toffee-chip ice cream and turned up her nose at a corn dog, and both she and the prince tried their hand at cake decorating as they cruised the aisles.

Earlier, Andrew told U.S. executives that Anglo-American business bonds are as important as historical and cultural ties.

Britain wants American investments, the Duke of York said during a brief appearance before 80 delegates attending a daylong investment seminar aboard the royal yacht Britannia, which included a five-hour luncheon cruise.

Greetings from Queen Elizabeth II were relayed by Sir Paul Greening, chairman of the royal household.

″The queen says she hopes you have a worthwhile day. The queen has personally chosen what you’ll have for lunch today,″ said Greening, who didn’t divulge the menu.

″The economic ties between our two nations are no less important than our cultural ones,″ Andrew said.

There were delegates from such companies as Hewlett-Packard, Hughes Aircraft, Ford Motor Co., Apple Computers and Lockheed Aircraft. Among them was Henry Termeer of Boston-based Genzyme, a biotechnology firm.

″It’s definitely a public relations ploy to create good will. I think it’s an excellent idea. Every European country does this sort of thing, but not every country has a royal family with a ship like this,″ said Termeer.

The day’s events also included a visit to Bullocks Wilshire department store, which was touting British goods.

Celebrities Michael York, Morgan Fairchild and Roddy McDowell and hundreds of store employees were among those who greeted the royal couple’s arrival at the posh art deco landmark.

At one point during the tour, the duchess scanned the first floor vestibule and was asked by a guest if she was looking for her husband, who had gone ahead. ″No, I see him every day,″ Sarah replied.

Monday evening, the royal couple took a moonlit stroll through the lush Wetherly Gardens at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles.

The cocktail party was tossed by British Consul General Donald Ballentyne, and guests who noshed on hors d’oeuvres and sipped champagne included ″Dynasty″ actress Emma Samms and actor Vincent Price.

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