Notre Dame Academy Adds Seminars on Wellness

February 10, 2019

TYNGSBORO -- Students at the Academy of Notre Dame are taking part in weekly Wellness Seminars to better understand and learn how to cope with societal pressures.

Facilitated by the guidance and health faculty, all grade levels at the academy’s Upper School are required to take the new Wellness Seminar course. The classes cover a wide range of topics specific to each grade and address common issues for young women, such as stress management, spirituality, relationships and identity, and the impact of social media.

Each topic is viewed through several perspectives: social-emotional, spiritual and physical health.

According to Guidance Counselor Stacy Marsden, all of these perspectives are equally important for young women to understand and obtain practical knowledge of for success in life.

“The Wellness Seminar helps our students to take a timeout and focus on themselves,” Marsden said. “As with a growing national trend, we are seeing students whose time and attention are in much greater demand and who feel a great deal of pressure to meet expectations. By learning more about themselves and practicing coping strategies, our students will be more prepared for the challenges they will face in the future.”

Integrating the Wellness Seminar into the curriculum is just one way the school focuses specifically on the needs of girls. Research conducted by the National Coalition of Girls Schools shows that the best learning environments for girls are those that provide immediate and frequent feedback, positive role models, strong mentoring programs, experiential learning, and opportunities for collaboration and risk-taking.

“Students at NDA thrive in a learning environment that is specifically built with girls in mind,” interim Principal Pam Bernazani said. “The advantage of a small school size allows continuity and close working relationships between students and faculty to provide individualized advice. The goal of the Wellness Seminar is to enhance the academy’s mission and ‘teach them what they need to know for life.’”

Students are enjoying the new addition to school life.

“The Wellness seminar has helped me manage my school work more efficiently,” said sophomore Madeline Walent of Dunstable. “I have learned I can be more productive with good time management, making time for school, sports and my life.”

To learn more, email admissions@ndatyngsboro.org or visit www.ndatyngsboro.org/admissions/visit . Prospective students and families are encouraged to schedule a Shadow Day, personal tour or Walk-In Wednesday visit.

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