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Notable Quotes Amid Russian Chaos With PM-Russia-Politics, Bjt

October 4, 1993

Undated (AP) _ Some quotes about today’s battle for Russia’s White House:


″Those waving red flags have once again covered Russia with blood. ... For them and for those who gave them orders, there can be no forgiveness, because they lifted their hand against peaceful people, against Moscow, against Russia, against women, children and old people. The armed revolt is doomed.″

-President Boris Yeltsin


″Those people inside don’t seem to know what a paratrooper assault regiment really is.″

-A paratrooper to bystanders on his way toward the White House


″I figured they wouldn’t shoot at a lone woman who had to get to work.″

-Yelena Kuznetsova, 30, commuter, after running over Kalinin Bridge


″Russia’s democracy has learned a hard lesson. It is that democracy must be able to defend itself, and have enough strength to do it.″

-Yeltsin spokesman Vyacheslav Kostikov


″(Boris Yeltsin) has bent over backwards not to have the soldiers fire on anybody, not to promote any violence. And he may be thinking today he went too far. Because they basically got up a head of steam and the situation got out of control.″

-U.S. President Clinton


″We used to think there were all these secret, important considerations for them (politicians), and now it turns out it’s much simpler: People need power. They don’t think about us - we’re just pawns. We just get in the way.″

-Ruben Sarkisian, 40, bystander with a video camera


″Let us bow to those who perished. Many of you followed the call of your hearts and spent last night in the center of Moscow, (guarding) the far and near approaches to the Kremlin. Tens of thousands of people risked their lives. Your will, your civic courage, your moral strength have proved to be the most effective weapon. I bow to you from my heart.″



″The president is really sad that he didn’t manage to prevent this outbreak of violence, but at the same time he is absolutely sure that he did his best to continue the negotiations.″

-Yeltsin adviser Sergei Stankevich.

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